The AST-02/3/3T Active Solar Tracking System can automatically track the sun to an accuracy of 0.02°.

AST-02: $18000 AUD
AST-03: $20000 AUD
AST-03T: $24000 AUD
Available: 6 - 8 weeks

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The AST-02 , AST-03, and AST-03T Active Solar Trackers have a Pan & Tilt Gearbox with integrated Single Board Computer and Global Positioning System. The included high-contrast Eye allows the Tracker to always stay locked onto the sun for effective real-time active tracking.

The AST-02 has a single horizontal arm. The AST-03 type has dual horizontal arms that are locked together.

The recently introduced AST-03T type has independent horizontal arms to enable controlled elevation offset. This feature facilitates shade/un-shade testing of pyranometers, or alignment testing of pyrheliometers and sunphotometers.

AST-03 Tracker & Shadearm

The horizontal and vertical axis are rotated by stepper motors that are directly connected to harmonic gearheads with zero backlash. The Eye responds only to a narrow bandwidth of near-infrared radiation, to give very high contrast between clear sun and cloud, for excellent sun tracking in real time.

The GPS signal is used to automatically configure the Tracker for any geographic location and to provide precise time synchronization. Whenever the sun is obscured (by clouds) the system defaults to open-loop passive tracking using GPS position information. Whenever the sun is detected by the Eye the system actively tracks the sun under closed-loop control.

The Tracker operates on 12VDC, and has low power requirement of 10W, making it suitable for solar powered sites.

The image above shows the AST-03 Tracker with the optional SA02 Shading Arm Assembly, and the optional LP01 Levelling Plate.

An optional ME01 Elevation Inclinometer is also available.